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Silent Summer Fun!

Thanks to everyone who came to sing and support our silent film night!

All three choir leaders will never forget the decision-making process we all had to endure back in 2019, when we decided to cancel the original screening. The pandemic was beginning to get underway and it was a very difficult time for all..

So much has happened since then, but we’re all so pleased that we were finally able to sing and perform to this amazing film! Enjoy the pics!

Excitement Ahead!

Our spring term ended on a high with a pizza and bring your own bottle night. It really felt like things were approaching normality again. And although we haven’t performed a concert so far this year – 2022 looks likely to be a busy one – all being well!

We’re back to planning gigs again – and our first gig is technically a rescheduled event from way back in 2020. ‘Underground’ is a silent film from 1928 and we’ll be providing 1920’s songs as part of a live accompaniment / performance. As far as we know – not many community choirs do events like this – and it’s always pretty exciting to be a part of!

Stand by for more gigs to follow in June and July. In the meantime – have a Happy Easter and see you soon!

More Cheese? Wine not.

Mystery. Suspense. Murder..

No, this is not a description of one of our choir rehearsals – rather, our silent film night – which this year entertained the good folk of Herne Hill as part of their 2017 music festival. It was loads of fun as always and of course, 1920’s film night requires 1920’s outfits! (The band had special dispensation to wear fezzes). Don’t ask.

Lodger 17 B
Thanks to Diana for the pic.

Silent film night really has become a bit of a Camberwell institution. We don’t think any other community choirs do this kind of thing. Don’t miss the next one in 2018! Speaking of not to be missed…


is choir wine and cheese night. You are cordially invited to bring your favourite smelly cheeses, crackers, nibbles and wines to our now legendary soirée.
We always need a few extra bits and pieces such as chopping boards etc – see our choir social page on Facebook for the latest list or just ask at a rehearsal.

Please Note – St Giles’ were hoping to host a short concert beforehand at 6.30pm which would have been free for community choir members but it’s been cancelled due to illness. It’s probably for the best as wine was due to be served there too… See you on the 14th!

The Lodger Returns!

Three years ago we accompanied Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Lodger’ in a live screening in St Giles’ church.


Starring Ivor Novello, it’s one of Alfred Hitchcock’s first films as director and is set in the London of the roaring 1920’s. At night, lurking in the fog, a serial killer known as “The Avenger” is on the loose. When a mysterious man arrives at the house of Mr. and Mrs. Bunting, suspicions begin to arise…

It was such a success we’ve decided to screen it again but this time, as part of Herne Hill Music Festival. Yes – we’re taking it on tour! We’ll be learning some new songs for it as well as some old classics – but it’s a tall order as the screening will take place on Sunday 15th October at 6pm. Our first rehearsal back is on Tuesday 5th September so it’s going to be hard work…

But fun! If you’ve never performed during a live film screening, come along to some Tuesday rehearsals and see what you’ve been missing. If not, why not come along for the show? Tickets and further details are available here.