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Welcome New Folk!

After such a busy end to 2023, we’ve had a relaxed start to 2023. But just in time to counteract the effects of ‘Blue Monday’, rehearsals begin on Tuesday 17th of January at 7.30pm.

At this time of year – lots of people like to come and ‘try us out’. If this applies to you – you’re really welcome to come to any rehearsal – just say hello to whoever is leading on the night – Aga, Matt or Ashley (our choir leaders) – and you’ll be taken care of. It doesn’t matter if you only come to one rehearsal or end up being a regular member – singing is so beneficial to us all.

Speaking of new folk… It’s going to be a folk-music themed term! There’ll be some well-known catchy melodies with a few surprises mixed in. See you soon!

Season’s Greetings!

Thank you all for your singing, time and energy this last few weeks – we made it!

From Craft fairs to BBC radio broadcasts, from Wine cellars to carols services – we’ve all worked really hard – and it’s been fun! And our final gig of the year – Carols ’round Camberwell – raised over £500 in just a few hours for the St GIles’ Trust charity!

Wishing you all the best in this festive season and see you in 2023!

Carols are coming!

Thanks to everyone who came to sing in Camberwell Groove on Saturday, 12th November. It’s always fun singing with other choirs and we had such a great time!

It’s now time to ready your diaries for Christmas events. We’ve got three gigs in December so far – have a look at our calendar page here for more details – it’s going to be busy!

Autumn Term 2022

Choir returns on Tuesday, 6th of September!

We’ll be back in the St Giles’ Centre at 7.30pm, just across the road from St Giles’ Church. All the dates you need are on the calendar page here.

New singers are always welcome! We’re a friendly bunch and you can turn up at a rehearsal whenever you like to try us out. Just tell one of our choir leaders (Aga, Matthew or Ashley) that you’re new when you arrive. It can be quite daunting coming to have a sing with a new group of people, but we aim to make it as comfortable and as fun as possible!

This term, we’ll be preparing for a concert in Novermber and our usual Christmas gigs. See you soon!

Silent Summer Fun!

Thanks to everyone who came to sing and support our silent film night!

All three choir leaders will never forget the decision-making process we all had to endure back in 2019, when we decided to cancel the original screening. The pandemic was beginning to get underway and it was a very difficult time for all..

So much has happened since then, but we’re all so pleased that we were finally able to sing and perform to this amazing film! Enjoy the pics!

Excitement Ahead!

Our spring term ended on a high with a pizza and bring your own bottle night. It really felt like things were approaching normality again. And although we haven’t performed a concert so far this year – 2022 looks likely to be a busy one – all being well!

We’re back to planning gigs again – and our first gig is technically a rescheduled event from way back in 2020. ‘Underground’ is a silent film from 1928 and we’ll be providing 1920’s songs as part of a live accompaniment / performance. As far as we know – not many community choirs do events like this – and it’s always pretty exciting to be a part of!

Stand by for more gigs to follow in June and July. In the meantime – have a Happy Easter and see you soon!

Nearly back to normal…

Choir rehearsals are in full flow and even though we’re still rehearsing in St Giles’ rather than our cosy hall – things feel like they’re nearly back to normal!

In other news – we’re currently awaiting a shipment of very fancy Camberwell Community Choir mugs. And we’re also starting to organise gigs and concerts again – yay! Our first event is our internal ‘Cheese and wine night’ which is always a bit of a hoot. But we’re planning lots more, including a silent film night and performances on Camberwell Green.

Check out the calendar page for more details. Fingers crossed for much more musical 2022!

Late January Kick-off

Happy New Year!

Whilst the end of 2021 didn’t end quite the way we hoped – with several cancelled events due to the virus – we’re hoping that 2022 will be a good year to sing!

We’re not putting any concerts or gigs in the diary just yet – but we’ll begin rehearsing again each Tuesday from the 25th of January.

We hope to see you soon!