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Rehearsal Al Fresco

We did it! For the first time since February 2020, we were able to rehearse together again on a Tuesday night!

Granted – it was a bit chilly for May and deciding whether or not to go ahead in the midst of unpredictable thunderstorms is a bit stressful, to say the least! But it was great to see people in person after the events of the last year or so.

Our rehearsal was actually a hybrid zoom / in-person event and we’ll aim to continue until we’re able to meet indoors again. We’ll have to make a judgement call about the weather – but we’ll aim to Email you on the day before 6pm if we have to cancel.

In the meantime – happy listening and practising our new songs!

Busy Term incoming…

This could be a record…

Masters of popThree MASSIVE singing opportunities in the same term. First up is the ‘Masters of Pop’ concert at St Giles’ on Saturday 14th of June. Everyone knows that it’s England’s first game in the Football World Cup – but since it’s starting at 11pm and this concert is at 8pm (doors open earlier) who cares?! What a great way to warm up the vocal chords for singing EN-GER-LAND, EN-GER-LAND later on raucously. Or not.

At the Young Vic Theatre

Anyway, next up is our debut at The Young Vic! Our two performances will be on Tuesday 8th and Saturday 12th July – see the calendar for details. ‘The Events’ has got so much praise from critics and theatre goers alike – it’s going to so good to be involved!

Finally, our term will finish on a somber note as we sing at a civic event commemorating the beginning of WW1 on Monday 4th August. We’re going to be leading the musical part of this service and we have the chance to make it a very special occasion for everyone there. Again, more details in the calendar section.

So there you have it – an epic term is in store! As usual, please tell others about what we’re up to and encourage people to come to a rehearsal or three!

Contacting us

We’ve just added a contact page – if you’d like to get in touch with us about anything, you can Email us now. But if you’re eager to try out those vocal chords and learn some exciting new (and old) music – by far the best way still is to come to a rehearsal! Your first one is free, our choir members are all lovely and we will look after you! And after our last rehearsal on Tuesday, I have never seen our half-time refreshment box so stacked with goodies!  You will love it!