Summer Holiday

Choir is out for summer!

Whilst al fresco rehearsals proved an interesting challenge in terms of keeping dry – it was so good to see so many of you throughout the summer term. There was no end-of-term gig in the end, sadly, due to covid restrictions. But after so many zoom rehearsals, it’s still been a fun term and it was great to see some new faces join us too!

A bit damp for choir rehearsals!

We’re currently working on details for the autumn term. But our current thinking will be to meet inside St Giles’ Church so that we have lots of room, rather than the Sct Giles’ Centre where we would ‘normally’ rehearse. If things go according to plan – we’ll be preparing for our first gig as soon as we start back!

We’ll keep you posted on the latest news, but in the meantime – enjoy the summer holiday.

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