Suspension of Choir Rehearsals / Concert postponement

Dear all

We’ve all been hoping for the best in terms of continuing choir rehearsals and being able to put on another amazing silent film night concert. The songs have been sounding so good and I know how much people were looking forward to it. Unfortunately though, recent events have overtaken us and we’ve agreed that we need to postpone our concert on the 28th of March and suspend choir rehearsals for the time-being.

If you’ve bought tickets, someone will be in touch asap. Music-making is so important at times like this and it’s really sad that we’ve had to take this decision. But we hope that you understand.

The concert is definitely postponed though rather than cancelled. There’s no escape from the music of the 1920’s I’m afraid! And in the meantime, we’re going to have a good think about how we can keep in touch musically – you may well be getting an invite to a virtual singalong / Emailed musical theory homework or be asked to log into the website for something – you know the password with a capital ‘B’..!

If you’re on Facebook – please do consider joining our social page ‘Camberwell Community Choir – Social’ by sending a request to join. Do keep in touch with us and each other – you have our Email addresses and we’d really like to hear about all the music you may suddenly have time to listen to! Hopefully, it will be no time at all before we’ll meet again to share and sample the finest wines and cheeses, perform live soundtracks to films and generally make Camberwell a wonderfully musical place to live.

Very Best Wishes

Ashley, Matt and Aga