A Midnight Special

Camberwell, ’round midnight, in a large victorian parish church on a damp evening in early May…

Choir record

We were busy recording our favourite songs!

In advance, all three choir leaders had tried to warn choir members just what they were letting themselves in for. Intentionally near-forgotten tales of recording CD’s with various bands and orchestras came to light. Horror stories of the 50th take still not being right. Stuffy, unbearably hot recording studios with water coolers without any cups. Agitated people wandering around aimlessly wondering when it will all end…

Of course, these apocalyptic warnings were all brushed aside by the choir and our recording session, led by our lovely sound guru Cassandra, was as smooth as anyone could have dared hoped. And when the wine came out we sure made a night of it!

Apart from the odd siren and noisy tea urn – we had a clear run and got some amazing takes. It’s all in the choir member’s area – enjoy!