A Fistful of Community Choirs

At choir last night, we were putting the finishing touches to our programme for our spring concert next Thursday. We have one choir rehearsal left!

Usually we do our spring concert all by ourselves in a venue in Camberwell. This year though, we’re travelling to St Mark’s Church next to Oval Tube station and joining in with two other community choirs – and a few school choirs for good measure!

Choir Post
Our next concert

It’s fair to say that in the last ten years’ or so, there has been an explosion of singing both in schools and in communities. TV programmes, such as ‘The choir’, have contributed to the general attitude that singing is once again cool. Research shows that there are physical and mental benefits to joining a choir. And perhaps most of all in today’s fantastically busy world, singing provides a unique way of escape. You could even go as far as saying it puts us back in touch with our roots – in an age of amazing technology.

So without getting too sentimental about the times when singing was so much more commonplace in people’s everyday lives than it is today, it’s so good that we can join other choirs just like us and promote singing for what it is. A way to make music and improve your body and soul.


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